New CBD Technology Is 450% Better For Discomfort Relief Than Regular Hemp Oil

Next generation CBD technology soothes joint discomfort, body aches and anxiety 5Xs better than hemp oil and is absolutely delicious; now available in the U.S. without a prescription

By Laura Turner | Associated Health Press
 Published 05.22.2024

(NEW YORK) - Americans are rejoicing about a brand-new technology that gets the goods on the health benefits of hemp.

A next generation hemp technology is now available across the nation and can be purchased without a prescription. And the best part is…

It comes in the form of a tasty gummy bear and a new delivery system that’s 450% more absorbable than 'hemp' oil.

So you can say goodbye to pills, needles, and creams forever!

Unabis CBD Gummies are made using “pure CBD concentrate” which works to relieve joint discomfort, restore sharp memory, and support a healthy normal inflammatory response, to name a few. And since it has no THC, it heals without the “high.”

Exciting new scientific research shows that hemp contains special molecules called cannabinoids which bind to receptor sites in the brain and body. When taken orally, hemp activates these receptors.

A GUMMY A DAY TO KEEP ALL YOUR ACHES AWAY: Unabis CBD Gummies a 10 milligram dose of CBD that works day and night to keep you comfortable.

Why This New Technology Is Better Than Hemp

Unfortunately, most CBD found on the market can’t deliver a fraction of these results. “The problem is, hemp products sold on Amazon do not contain any CBD whatsoever, and then, companies selling real CBD typically come in oil form,” according to Chief Technologist Mi Hwa Kim of the Green Gardener. “Oil doesn’t breach the cell membrane, which is where the real healing happens. Our body is 80% water, our cells 90%. And you know what they say about oil and water -- they don’t mix.”

This is why Unabis CBD Gummies contains a unique “water soluble” system. The technology is shown to improve absorption in the cells by 450%, quickly boosting the body’s cannabinoid levels.

“The other problem is that most of these formulas only contain a single compound extract,” says Ms. Kim. “CBD’s pure isolate cannabinoids are shown to work synergistically. In short, they work better together. It’s called the “entourage effect.” Most miss out on the full effects because they are missing some of the best rejuvenating compounds within the hemp plant. This is why we’ve made Unabis CBD Gummies with the “full hemp, low temp” extraction technology.”

“Finally, most CBD formulas are made on foreign farms with pesticides, or grown using non-organic seeds and processes. We’ve grown the hemp in Unabis CBD Gummies at a 100% organic American farm, under strict agricultural guidelines. It’s grown without pesticides or GMOs. And it’s grown to contain no THC.”

How It Works

The key to Unabis CBD Gummies’s health benefits is the Endocannabinoid system, a network of receptors in the cells. The system is there to maintain homeostasis (balance). In response to toxins in our body, it releases cannabinoids to set things back to their natural state.

“It’s really amazing God-given system that’s been completely overlooked. Our bodies are practically designed to work with the compounds in CBD, which is why we need a solution like Unabis CBD Gummies that unleashes its full potential.”

Over time, with aging, the endocannabinoid system eventually burns out. Fewer cannabinoids are released, so the body’s levels deplete. The result is, all sorts of symptoms of aging like age-related memory loss, blurry vision, joint discomfort, aches and pains, and other ailments.

“This is why there’s almost nothing CBD can’t do and no health concern it can’t address,” says Mi Hwa. “The trouble is, most hemp formulas are just not absorbable enough for the cell, so they fail to activate the endocannabinoid system. This is why they don’t deliver anything close to the full range of potential results.”

In fact, a recent survey revealed that 60% of users say CBD is “more effective” than prescription medications. 75% found CBD more effective than over-the-counter products, as you can see below:

Fortunately, Unabis CBD Gummies are clinically shown to enter the cell membrane 450% more powerfully. This is how it boosts cannabinoid levels fast, helping to relieve joint discomfort… restore foggy memory… and support healthy blood sugar. And what most people really love is that they taste amazing which makes them easier to take than a pill or oil.

Not Yet Sold In Stores

Unabis CBD Gummies is formulated from organically grown hemp right here in the U.S.A. from locally owned and operated farms, and is now available nationwide. However, several major pharmaceutical companies are currently testing hemp extract in clinical settings, which means it may require a prescription in the near future. It's advised to get Unabis CBD Gummies while you can.

Taking All The Risk Off Consumers

A large percentage of men and women using Unabis CBD Gummies experience truly amazing results. That's why it's now being sold with a guarantee that goes way beyond the industry standard.

“We can only make this guarantee because we are 100% certain our customers will be satisfied. We want to take full risk off consumers. So in addition to offering new customers 10% OFF their entire order today, we also make them a huge promise that ensures they don't have to risk a cent” says James Johnson, Jolly CEO.

Here's how it works: Take Unabis CBD Gummies exactly as directed and you must be thrilled with the results! Otherwise, simply return the empty bottles within 60 days. Then, the company will refund your money for having tried the product.

Where To Find Unabis CBD Gummies

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